Cookie's World Voyage


Rory aboard cookie

In 1989 Rory McDougall had a dream. Inspired by Laurent Bourgnon who crossed the Atlantic in a Hobie 18 catamaran, Rory had the burning passion to sail around the world on the smallest catamaran and multihulled sailboat.

Rory tried for 2 years to get support and sponsorship to create a high-tech event to circumnavigate the world on an open-deck beach catamaran. Fantastic support came from TIMBERLAND, NORTH SAILS UK, RIGEL COMPASSES, BROOKES & GATEHOUSE in the form of products - but no boat to float them on!! In the end it made sense to choose a less extreme catamaran that had living space below and gave a low-tech and low-expense way of getting afloat. The Wharram Tiki 21 design was the perfect choice. 

Rory set to work and built a Tiki 21 catamaran called Cookie and launched her onto the River Dart, England on June 15th 1991. Rory set sail from the shores of the UK without an engine, electronics or communications aboard.

During a voyage that spanned 6 years, Rory and Cookie sailed the globe to finally arrive back into the home port of Dartmouth on August 23rd 1997. Rory discovered amazing landfalls, made firm friendships, and voyaged far within himself to discover his place in the world. He successfully circumnavigating the world in the smallest catamaran using only a sextant, compass and lots of rice and pasta!! Cookie sailed into the record books for a feat that still stands today!