Cookie's World Voyage


Compass  -  Rigel flush mount on deck & handheld.

Log/speedo  -  Wasp trailing log lasted 2,000 miles then failed. 

Depth sounder  -  Lead line to 10 meters.

Sextant  -  Davis Mark 15 plastic. 

Time signal  -  Sony shortwave receiver.

Charts  -  Approx. 60 charts all second hand or photocopied.

Communications  - Code flags (Handheld VHF thru Red Sea & Med).

Cooker - Coleman spirit stove UK to NZ. Gas cooker NZ to UK.

Lighting - Hurricane lamps UK to NZ. Electric lights NZ to UK.

Electrics  -  55 Amp Battery & 15 Watt solar panel fitted aboard in NZ.

Fog Horn  -  Brass mouth horn.

Spotlight  -  Homemade 12V halogen lamp.

Bedding  -  2 x foam camp rolls & sleeping bag. Bean bag pillow.

Repair kit  -  Hand tools. Epoxy resin. Bag of lashing line. Sail repair kit.

Sails  -  Mainsail 2 reefs, working jib with reef & spinnaker UK to NZ.

             Added reacher, storm jib and trisail in NZ. Working sails made by        Westaway Sails, Ivybridge.

Anchors  -  15lb CQR  7m of 6mm chain & 100m of 16mm multiplait.

                   12lb Danforth and 15lb fisherman anchors as secondary.

Safety  -  2 red parachute, 1 x white collision and 1 x orange smoke flare.

               2 x life jackets. Home made drogue. Home made sea anchor.

               Fire blanket & fire extinguisher. 1st aid kit. Harness & lifeline.

               Solar still.

Self Steering - OGM MkII wooden wind wave designed by Bill Belcher.

Dinghy - Narwhal inflatable UK to NZ. Avon inflatable NZ to UK.


Tiki 21 specs

LOA                               21ft           6.4m

Beam                            12ft           3.66m

Waterline length      18.5ft        5.64m

Draft                             1.3ft          0.35m

​Weight                         790lbs     360kg

​Payload                      1000lbs    460kg

Sail Area                      208sqft  19.25sqm